Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Learning and Classroom Whoas

Hi Everyone,

     What a week, already!  Hump - Day! I just wanted to write about a wonderful training class that I attended on yesterday, Effective Strategies to Teach Literacy.  It was eye-opening, affirming, and fun!  Our instructor was Dr. Rozlyn Linder.  What I really liked about the class.....was the affirmation of what I currently do in the classroom, so I don't feel like I have to make drastic changes.  If you don't have this book in your library (personal or school), please pick up a copy of Chart Sense.  I've already started adding post it notes to mark those standards and strategies that I know I'll need for our first unit.  
           I don't know about you, but Common Core feels a bit overwhelming. If I can really plan each unit with the end in mind, knowing which anchor charts to use, and have some strategy tips, I think it may be okay.
     Well, enough about the class....  I have a lot to do in my classroom and I still haven't even thought of a theme!  That is, until I had an aha moment today.  I'm planning it out now and will hopefully have pictures soon!  
     Enjoy the last few days of summer!

Happy Teaching,


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  1. Glad to see another teacher excited about this text! It was Plane reading last week with post-it Notes and highlighter in hand. I now have my first few charts for ReadyGen flagged and will fwd to my teammates as I lead ELA planning.